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Jesús Velazquez & Valeria Carmel

The most sought after dancer on YouTube, Jesús Velazquez has also been acclaimed on stages around the world with the most prestigious tango productions: Tangokinesis, Forever Tango, Tango x 2, Tango Pasion and the Sexteto Mayor. He has been featured in the movies Evita and Saura's Tango.

Aside from his international success, Velazquez is also popular and known as “the tango dancer” in Buenos Aires, where he has been performing on the stages of La Ventana, Senor Tango, El Viejo Almacen, La Esquina Homero Manzi.

He is currently the choreographer for the brand new show at La Esquina Carlos Gardel. His own show, Costumbres de mi Tierra, featuring 18 artists on stage has been critically acclaimed in Buenos Aires. Velazquez has also been touring the US and Europe as a teaching maestro. Native of Santiago del Estero, Velazquez started by studying folkloric dancing with maestro Juan Saveedra and toured South America with the Ballet of Ayala “El Chucaro” and Norma Viola. In tango, Velazquez` elegant, sensual and pure tango style has earned him the comparisons with Fred Astaire and Rudolfo Valentino.

Valeria Carmel brings to tango a classical ballet and jazz background. She has been performing, teaching and touring all over the United States, France and Argentina with former partner Pampa Cortés. She has co-created and co-directed stage shows featuring up to 12 Argentine dancers on stage: ¡Argentina! Tango & Malambos, Destino de Tango, and Fantasìa Argentina. Her teaching is both charismatic and technically challenging.



(Workshop titles are subject to change or may be altered to fit final schedule.)

Variations on salidas (Beginners): different ways of starting a dance or musical phrases

Low Sacadas for leaders & followers (Beg-Inter-Adv levels) : variations on foot displacements for leaders & followers

High sacadas (Inter - Adv. levels): technique for and combinations of effective leg displacements

Left and right enrosques (Inter - Adv): special adornments for leaders, followers' response and techique allowing for leaders' adornments

Style variations to dance to different musical styles and orchestras (Inter-Adv) : rhythm, expression and interpretation of the music within the couple

Communication in the dance couple (Beg-Inter-Adv): refine lead & follow technique to allow for more freedom of expression and improvisation of adornments for leader & follower (ex: improvisation of adornments in turns)

Combinations with llevadas (Beg-Inter-Adv)

Milonga lisa and milonga traspié (Inter-Adv)

Vals (Inter-Adv)

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This cruise included:

  • Workshops for all Levels
  • Argentine Instructors
  • Fun Ports of Call
  • Ship’s Talent Show
  • Tango Show
  • Early/Late Dining Hours
  • 7 Theme Milongas
  • Private Classes (add’l cost)
  • Tango • Boleos
  • Vals • Colgadas
  • Milonga • Molinetes
  • Musicality • Stage Tango
  • Sacadas • Ganchos
  • Giros • Enrosques
  • Vals Cruzado
  • Milonga Traspie
  • Get Acquainted Gathering & Cocktail Party