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Jorge & Jairelbhi Furlong

Having been born to an Argentinean and musical family, Jorge began his music education and exposure to Tango early on in life. George started formal music training at the age of ten and continued though high school and college. During these years his teachers noticed his exceptional musical ability, and with their encouragement he expanded his knowledge by learning several instruments.

In 1992, Jorge discovered Shaolin Kung Fu, and through constant diligence and patience, he became senior instructor and performed demonstrations in several cities in the U.S.

A native of Caracas, Venezuela, Jairelbhi Furlong began her dance training at the age of nine. She joined Las Voces Blancas, one of the top dance schools for kids. Jairelbhi was exposed to several different dances but clearly her passion was tap dancing, and was asked to be an assistant instructor.  Because of her graceful movements and perseverance she became part of a dance troupe in Las Voces Blancas traveling to many places and included television performances.

Recognized for their musicality, Jorge and Jairelbhi Furlong are a new and up-and-coming Argentine tango couple. They have performed and taught in cities throughout Texas, where they reside, and have expanded to other cities including New York City, Los Angeles, Vancouver, Maui, San Diego, Phoenix, Atlanta, Savannah, and Buenos Aires, Argentina.

They have perfomormed with the Fort Worth Symphony, San Francisco Symphony, Opus Cuatro and with bandeonistas Horocio Romo and Daniel Binelli.

In 2005, they created "Evolutiontango", a dance group based in Dallas, Texas, and have produced, directed, and choreographed  two tango productions: "Tango: Now and Then" and "Evolutiontango". 

Today they are part of "Tango and Fire" dance company. They consider it a privilege to work with artistic director Hugo Patyn and musical director Lisandro Adrover, best known for his arrangements for the broadway hit "Forever Tango".



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