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Fernanda Ghi & Guillermo Merlo

After more than a decade traveling the world as performers/teachers/choreographers/producers with mriad productions such as operas, ballets, comedies, dramas, films; dancing at the competitive level and at the purely artistic level; after our total involvement with thAfter more than a decade traveling the world as performers/ teachers/ choreographers/producers with me Tango in all forms of productions, we can state with authority and confidence that the Tango is one of the most humanly artistic expressions made more complex because of its apparent simplicity.

The land, the nostalgia, the communication, two definite roles acting at the same time engaging in the most diverse vocabulary, the mischievous improvisation, the creativity in sharing the stage, these are the points and forms of expression that are covered in our teaching.

Tango is an expression, a language which in its origins reflects a culture influenced by many other cultures that today we are encountering. Because of this we believe that the tango belongs to the world and that everyone, no matter where they come from, can understand and respect it.

To retain its true essence (the embrace, the pure concept of the couple, opposing energies that move in the same direction) is what interests us most to share as we teach and demonstrate. To respect and to communicate this form of dance and the growth from this point to the moment.

We believe that we are not here only to dance Tango steps but also to use this complex dance to evolve as artists, communicators and let the whole world know by its expressions, poetry, dance and music... that this is The Tango! from this point to the moment.



(Workshop titles are subject to change or may be altered to fit final schedule.)

Taking Tango to Higher Levels
Tango Technique
Tango Dynamics
Vals and Milonga Dynamics
Tango & Swing Dance Theory
How to move in Tango, Vals

 …and Milonga 

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